private maths tutor, chichester, west sussex


tutorial fees

                                        for Kate's private maths tuition


Maths tutorials are now taking place online. Zoom seems to work very well, but if you prefer another platform, that's fine! Choose from...


Standard Tutorial (45 mins)

perfectly adequate to make a big difference in any topic area



Extended Tutorial (1 hour +)

suitable if you are:

a mad-mathetical enthusiast/a glutton for punishment/in a mathematical black hole/determined to nail that grade/win that scholarship/move up a set/get one-up on your maths teacher

     £36 per hour


Intensive Maths Learning Days

If you are really needing to cram in some learning, for example when an exam is looming, you can book my help for a half or whole day of maths tuition (oh joy!)

     £32 per hour if two or more hours are booked



Please note: I am obliged to operate a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you cancel within 24 hours of an appointment, for whatever reason, you will be charged half the cost of your booking.


Please call  07790 042188 to discuss your maths tuition requirements
Alternatively, you can email me at